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First person adventure game. As a vampire you can travel to the past through blood, possess the victims and change their actions to alter your present.

First person adventure game. You play as Elizabeth, a half-vampire noblewoman from the pre-Victorian era.

The deceased are your allies. Through their blood, use your time-travel ability to experience their last moments and make alterations that change your present. This is the only way you can discover the truth and make it out alive...

Sunlight is lethal to you, move between shadows to make it through the palace. Be careful though! You are not alone. Vampiric abominations roam the castle chasing and eliminating unwanted guests...

Return to the palace that was once your home, and unfold the tragedy that took place there in your absence.

  • Puzzle game:
    Half-vampire who consume blood to solve puzzles.
  • Time travel mechanic:
    Change their past, alter your present.
  • Replayability:
    Explore different paths, and face dangers and unrelenting foes.
  • Handmade art:
    Pre-victorian stylized environments with a realistic approach.
  • Thrilling story:
    A coup has been made, come back to your court and reveal what happened.

Puzzle gameplay loop

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Thruster Games

Sergio Murillo - Producer & Programmer
Arnau Ramos - Lead Programmer
Aidan Yélamos - Character 3D Artist
Pol Rovira - Environmental 3D Artist
Rafa Sanchis - 3D Modelling Artist
Alexandra González - 2D Artist & Producer assistant
Eduard García - Game Designer & Programmer


Tarek Hamdan - Sound Designer
Iris López - Narrative Design
Gloria Villar - Translation & Localization
Eva Codina - Translation & Localization

Voice Over

Adi Rose - Elizabeth
Vivian Reed - Christie / Paige
Louis Badalament - Clifford / Additional Voices
Andre Piper - Baxter
Blake Hussey - Reese


BloodReminds_Build_v0.4.3.zip 1 GB

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Hello, I played this game. I wanted to play it already a while ago but I forgot about it. Now I did play it and gosh this is an amazing Demo.
Keep up the good work. I could not even cut my video cause I think this deserves to be seen completely.


Tried out the Blood Reminds Demo!


So I previously put out a highlight version of this game, here's the full version of it. Really good and high quality for a Indie game, enjoyed it a lot :)

I had SUCH a good time with this game. I spent the first 5-10 minutes looking around admiring the art and graphics. Seriously impressive. The voice acting was also very very well done. I can tell the story is written well and it makes me want to uncover the mystery even more. The mechanic of being able to use blood possession to alter the past is SO clever and very unique. I’m excited to see what y’all come up with next! 

Thanks for the feedback!

We have a great time with your community during livestream while you played our game :D


Although I played an older version, I really enjoyed this demo! Very interesting idea and fun concept. Story seems good and has nice voice acting. Looking forward to the end project! 


Thanks for playing it! 

Maybe you can revisit when the next content patch is uploaded :D

WIll be keeping my eyes out for it!


Really cool game tbh, I decided to do a short highlight to showcase your game, cheers for the invitation :)

I very much enjoyed my time with this demo. This has the makings of a great game and I'd love to see more.

We will continue working on it! Thanks for the feedback :D


Nice graphics and story!! Enjoyed it very much!!


Really enjoyed this one, great job :)

Thanks Stella! :D


The game was fun, although the jump was a little bit off and in some places the FPS dropped in half. The Story was pretty cool, and the voice acting aswell. Im hopping we can see the end of the game in a near future!

We will dig into that to fix it in future updates.

Thanks for the feedback! :D


This is very good. Voice acting are well done, graphic quality are beautiful. So far so good for the demo!

Thanks for the comment.

We will pass the positive feedback to our voice over actors :D


This was SO good! It looks great, the voice acting is done well, and the story is really intriguing. I can't wait to play more of this in the future!!

We learned a lot with your video, new patch will cover some game design flaws detected.

Thanks for the feedback!


My pleasure!! Thanks for getting in touch and letting me know about it!


Here we go I really like this game a lot.

Thanks a lot for making a video about it :D


Amazing proposal, it has top production values. Contact with us to talk about it and make this project a real business opportunity. Send as a DM or mail to comment.


Really great demo! Can't wait for more! I really enjoyed it! The visuals are great, the story seems interesting and the ability of the main character is kick ass ;)


Top notch production, lets see where this goes